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My sister’s drug addiction — and what it taught me My new dog Yoda is a rescue terrier that came to live with my younger sister, Shelley, as a way to celebrate her one-year anniversary of sobriety. Shelley’s gift with animals was remarkable and included toilet training her cat, teaching a dog to sing “Happy Birthday,” and house training... Continued
Op-Ed: Keeping kids in school is the best crime prevention policy Many people are surprised when I tell them that we have a Truancy Dropout Prevention Unit in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. “Shouldn’t you be going after the serious criminals instead of kids who skip school?” they ask. The truth is that when it comes to protecting public safety, there... Continued
KING 5: Prosecutor launching program to keep kids in school SEATTLE – Seventy-five percent of Washington state prison inmates are high school dropouts. “Being a dropout in the 21st century is not a good idea,” said King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. Satterberg says many of them started their troubled legal lives in truancy court. But a new court ruling... Continued
KING 5: A new approach to truancy I am a reformed truant. There. I admit it. When I was a kid I hated to go to school. I learned as early as my  kindergarten year at North City Elementary how to get out of going to class. The child of divorced parents, I was a latch-key kid who was responsible even... Continued
Op-Ed: Washington state must get serious about kids with guns THE 17-year-old boy was hanging out with his friends in a city park. When he saw the police approaching, he tossed his backpack inside a trash can and ran off. When police opened the backpack, they found a loaded .45-caliber handgun among his school books. An armed juvenile is... Continued
KING 5: Federal Way installs ‘Safe City’ cameras FEDERAL WAY, Wash. – The City of Federal Way on Wednesday unveiled a new crime fighting system. The city is the first in the Pacific Northwest to launch the “Safe City” program, which uses cameras to catch criminals. The police department celebrated the launch of the system with a... Continued
KING 5: Teen is first to be charged in anti-burglary initiative SEATTLE – Seattle used to be 6th in nation for car thefts until King County prosecutors teamed up with police to target the thieves and send them away for years instead of months. Now prosecutors are doing the same thing with burglaries. Dr. Bassim Dowidar moved his family over... Continued
KING 5: Jail alternative sought for mentally ill SEATTLE – A new push to help mentally ill people in King County by keeping them out of jail and the courts could save taxpayers money. Specifically, we’re talking about the non-violent mentally ill that keep getting in trouble with the law. Eyvonne Beamon is one of them. She... Continued
KING 5: Report: More help needed for mentally ill in WA SEATTLE – A lack of communication among health professionals and police in Washington is one problem that allows some violent mentally ill offenders to wander the streets. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says that’s part of the findings of a task force formed after Shannon Harps was stabbed to death last... Continued

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